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Is your recruitment advertising getting the response you need?

Strategic Solutions is aggressive in our recruiting and we perform extensive screening processes to make certain that we work with the highest caliber applicant for your consideration. Our resources are developed to aid you with your recruitment and give you an insight into new areas to explore or alternative techniques to consider when developing your in-house recruitment.

We know that employer’s and HR professionals are rushed off their feet, especially if there’s a new recruitment drive. Our added values resources aim to save you time – and offer you invaluable advice from our recruitment experts.

We are extremely active in our market and know remarkable candidates when we observe long-term responsibility in job experience, a good history and justifiable salary expectations.

Our goal is to offer your organization hassle-free recruitment access to a highly skilled, diverse, and continually renewed network of job-seekers.

Don’t have an HR Department and you need some help?  Get a la carte HR Services as needed! Services include reference Job Description Writing, Salary Analysis, Reference Checking, Employee or Customer Surveys, Custom Forms and Templates, Compliance and Quality Checklists, KPIs and Performance Tracking, Contract Review and Evaluation, and more! Get the HR support you need, when you need it.

Regardless of where you’re at – just starting out or ready for some advanced options, give us a call at 317-203-4034.


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We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within your field because our recruiters come from the very industries they serve. They’re not just recruiters; they’re industry veterans with firsthand experience navigating your specific talent pool, skillsets, and workplace culture. This deep understanding allows them to target the best candidates, effectively assess their qualifications, and make perfect matches between talent and opportunity. With an industry insider on your side, you get a distinct advantage in today’s competitive hiring landscape.